Mamady Keita and Sewa Kan

Mamady Keïta created this group, which he first based on traditional mandingue music and with which he later played his own compositions. It's a proverb « Ni kan tiyen, sewa tiyen. Ni sewa tiyen, kan tiyen » (Without music, no joy. But without joy, no music !) that gave him his name : SEWA KAN


The group consists of the following members:

  • Mamady Keita (Rép Guinée): Djembe solo, lead vocal & band leader
  • Babara Bangoura (Rép Guinée): Djembe & Krin
  • Souleymane "Cobra" Camara (Rép Guinée): Djembe & Kenkeni
  • Baba Toure (Côte d'Ivoire):Djembe
  • Cece Koly (Rép Guinée): Sangban
  • Youssouf Traore (Mali): Dunundba
  • Mama Adama Camara (Rép Guinée): Dance & Backing Vocal
  • Bebey Youla (Rép Guinée): Danse & Lead Vocal
  • Kandet Dioubate (Rép Guinée):Danse & Lead Vocal
  • Prince Diabate (Rép Guinée): Kora
  • Djelimady Kouyate (Rép Guinée): Balafon
  • Manu Hermia (Belgium): Flute & Saxophone


More photos and music on: Myspace